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Setting up Goals in Google Analytics

Are you trying to optimize your business website for conversions? If so, you’ll need to track conversions by setting a “goal” in Google Analytics. What are Goals? Goals in Google Analytics allow you to track specific customer interactions on your website. These interactions can be any action such as form submissions, button clicks, downloads etc....

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Our Skills

We don’t just build websites, we provide solutions. Irish Web Services make setting up and developing your business website easier. We help to establish your brand in order to connect customers to your products or services We can empower your business online and assist you in every step of the process, while providing on going...

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Create a Google My Business account

🚀Quick SEO Tip: Create a Google My Business account Think about how many people use their Smartphone to find nearby places to eat, shop and run errands. If you’re a business that will benefit from showing up in local search results, setting up a “Google My Business” account is a great first place to start....

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