Fundraiser for charities working on the Ukrainian Border

Athy Town AFC recently played a preseason game against Stradbally Town AFC at Aldridge Park in support of charities working on the Ukrainian border.

This event not only highlighted the club’s community spirit but also showcased how the situation in Ukraine has affected people in our local area. In this blog post, we will discuss the fundraiser and its importance in raising awareness and support for those affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Athy’s Ukrainian Community Joins the Fundraiser

Prior to the game, both teams were joined on the pitch by members of Athy’s Ukrainian community, many of whom are members of the club, from walking football to academy. Their participation emphasised the unity and strength of the local community in standing by their Ukrainian friends and neighbours during this difficult time.

A Personal Connection to the Ukrainian Crisis

One of our U17 players, Anton Budnyev, was visiting Ukraine, along with his mother, for a family event when the invasion began. Anton has played for the club since he was nine years old, and the news of him being caught up in the war was a significant concern for his teammates. Fortunately, Anton and his mother returned safely to Athy yesterday after a challenging journey through western Ukraine to Poland and on to Shannon.

Anton’s experience brings the impact of the war in Ukraine closer to home for the people of Athy and underscores the importance of supporting those affected by the conflict.

Raising Money for Charities on the Ukrainian Border

The players from both teams participating in the fundraiser match aimed to raise money for charities working on the Ukrainian border.

These organisations provide essential aid, support, and resources to those displaced and affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

The Athy Town AFC fundraiser for charities supporting Ukraine demonstrates the power of sport and community in bringing people together for a greater cause. The event not only raised much-needed funds for organisations working on the Ukrainian border but also highlighted the personal connections and impact the conflict has on people in our local area.

As the situation in Ukraine continues to unfold, it’s crucial for communities like Athy to stand in solidarity with those affected and provide support wherever possible.

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