QR Code

During the Superbowl commercials, Coinbase did this and had 20 million visits in 60 seconds?

The bouncing QR code ad was so popular it crashed the app

Hopefully my website can handle the traffic…..

Trading Online Voucher

The Trading Online Voucher is an initiative for small businesses (with 10 or fewer employees and less than €2m in revenue), that aims to enhance their online trading presence.

Vouchers to the value of €2,500 (50% of eligible costs up to the maximum of €2,500) are available through this program.

The objective of the scheme is to help small businesses build their brand, grow their sales, exports and ultimately jobs.

Already availed of a voucher?

Is your new website performing and are you setting and reaching your digital sales goals? Have you maximised your organic search potential?

A 2nd grant could be used to part-fund a digital marketing strategy to grow your online business. You can maximise this grant to increase traffic to your website and to ensure those leads convert to sales.

Irish Web Services can help you with your application every step of the way.

Contact us today, feel free to PM or leave a comment and we’ll be back in touch ☎️

Website Repair for FC Irlande

Had the pleasure of working with Paul Staunton and the guys from FC Irlande in Brussels recently fixing some issues they were having with their current website not working properly.

Best of luck for the season!

If your current website isn’t functioning as it should, feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to help or answer any questions you might have.

1.6 Million WordPress Sites Under Attack

Wordfence analysts have uncovered a massive wave of attacks, coming from 16000 IPs and targeting over 1 million WordPress sites. 

This threat compromises four plugins that are not updated properly to exploit them as well fifteen Epsilon Framework themes– one with no available patch!

The plugins targeted by this plugin infection were patched all the way back in 2018, but some newer ones still haven’t had their vulnerabilities addressed.

With so many vulnerabilities being addressed in a short time period, it is important for site owners to patch their plugins as soon as possible.

The affected plugins and their versions are:

  • PublishPress Capabilities
  • Kiwi Social Plugin
  • Pinterest Automatic
  • WordPress Automatic

The targeted Epsilon Framework themes are:

  • Shapely
  • NewsMag
  • Activello
  • Illdy
  • Allegiant
  • Newspaper X
  • Pixova Lite
  • Brilliance
  • MedZone Lite
  • Regina Lite
  • Transcend
  • Affluent
  • Bonkers
  • Antreas
  • NatureMag Lite – No patch available
Source: Wordfence

“In most cases, the attackers are updating the users_can_register option to enabled and setting the default_role option to administrator,Wordfence explains.

“This makes it possible for attackers to register on any site as an administrator effectively taking over the site.”

Check, update, clean

Here is a list of things to do once you have detected that your site has been compromised:

1) Check all user accounts and remove any rogue additions immediately  

2 ) Review the settings at “http://examplesite[.]com/wp-admin/options-general.php” 

3) Pay attention in Membership and New User default role setting 

It is always a good idea to update your plugins and themes as soon as possible, even if they’re not on this list. 

If you have NatureMag Lite (a plugin), uninstall it immediately- there’s no fix for the threat yet!

Note that updating the plugins won’t eliminate the threat if your site has already been compromised