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What Impact Does an Attractive Website Have?

Having a website with a good web design enhances your online presence. Therefore, you need to create a website that is attractive enough to gain more qualified leads, as well as to keep customers engaged. A lack of website designing experience will require you to search for a reputable web design company that can help you in designing your perfect website.

However, when trying to select a quality web design company, you must ensure that they fit your business requirements perfectly and in an efficient way. A good web design company is one that will ask numerous questions pertaining to your website.

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What Are The Questions Web Designers Should Be Asking?

There are few crucial questions that companies should ask so that they can provide its clients with a functional, attractive and result oriented website for the business.



Below are 7 questions which should be asked by website design company:

  1. What services are you offering through the business?

The web design company should first try to thoroughly understand your business. Through this approach, they can develop a suitable website. Without having details about your company, it becomes tough to come up with a functional site for your business.

Web Design businessYou should choose a web design company that understands your business as much as you do.

The company needs to enquire about your business history too, the type of services and products offered, along with competitors and other details. Such questions will provide them with a better understanding of your business, your company values, and your operation methods.


Once all of the information is gathered, the web design company will then build a website that will best reflect your brand or the business.

  1. Does your business already own a website?

Although it may seem a silly question, your chosen web design company needs to know, whether you already own a website or not. It is a crucial part for two reasons:

First being that the web design company needs to know the amount of work they are going to put in just to develop your project. If this is a first-time site development, then more effort will have to be put in to develop something useful for your business.

Web DesignBusinesses with established websites are aware of the existing structure and which part requires modifications. The web design company will want to know more about your existing site.

They may ask questions like what you prefer and not prefer in your current site, what you will like to have on it, the kind of role played by your site to drive results to your set campaigns.


For the web design company, it is a wonderful opportunity to find out more about your likes & dislikes pertaining to websites. Also, they can come up with new ideas to drive results for the business.

  1. What goals have you determined for the website?

Your chosen web design company might ask your website’s objectives and purposes. It is crucial on your part also, to know what is desired to be achieved with your site, instead of developing a site merely ‘for the sake of’.

Using your website, you can focus on numerous goals. You can aim high to gain more revenue and leads, capture social followers or emails or get plenty of prospective phone calls to enhance brand awareness.

web design site goalsYou need to have a well-set goal and objective for your site, as it can help the web design company to develop a better looking functional site.

Your site design is likely to be impacted by your goal. To increase brand awareness, the web design company is likely to focus more upon developing your brand and to help people to familiarize themselves with it.

If more leads are to be earned, then the web design company is likely to focus upon incorporating certain elements to encourage people to gain more knowledge about your business, products or services and to make purchases.


  1. Have you identified your target audience?

How your campaign aspects are shaped is determined by your target audience. You desire to make an appeal to them and make them get interested in your brand of a business. Website design is also not much different.

Web Design Target AudianceIt is essential to be aware of your target audience to design a result-oriented website. An experienced web design company is likely to gain information on your target audience to develop a website that will match your audience’s needs.

Your site structure is impacted a lot by your audience’s behavior.

When dealing with a professional company, do ensure that they know more about your target audience. Knowing your ideal customer can help them to derive a better idea, as to how much customers can be appealed.


  1. How is your company better than others?

Every company located all over the globe does have something unique with them to provide to their customers. Something actually sets them apart from their competitors, which might be small. However, few things are likely to make your brand of a business to be unique when compared to the competition.

Web DesignThe web design company has to know what is unique about your company. It is definitely a crucial selling factor that they could emphasize within or incorporate into the design.

You may desire to stay at the top in your respective domain. Your business unique features can help you to achieve your set objective.

Your chosen web design company should ask you these features, which they will highlight for your audience to see it clearly.


  1. Who are your key competitors?

The web design company has to know about your competitors. The website that is to be created should be good enough to help your business to overcome competition.

Web Designing CompetitorsThe web design company, on knowing your competitors can develop a unique site that will stand out from your competitors.

You need to come up with a competitor list, who might make a direct impact upon your business and are competing with you. This list can be shared with the web design company, allowing them to check out the competitor sites.

It will provide them with a better understanding of what kind of sites your competitors possess and how to produce a much better-looking site.


  1. What features do you want to incorporate in your website?

While developing your site, the web design company should ask about the kind of features that you would like to incorporate within it. You need to incorporate a few features which can help you to achieve your set campaign goals.

Also, you need to be clear about the look your site should have. Several features, that are attractive and engaging when are incorporated in the website drive your audience towards it, while keeping them interested. Think about the type of features to be incorporated on your site and then write them down.

Web Design FeaturesFew popular features include social media icons, email sign-up bars, color choices or videos. These are the features that can have a great impact on your audience. The type of features to be incorporated in the campaign is a crucial consideration one should have.

Be sure when incorporating elements as it should help achieve your website goals. In case, more leads are desired, then incorporate social media icons and email sign-up bars.

Features embedded on your site can help develop a site that compels your audience to fulfil the needed options.


Develop a better site today

If the plan is to develop the best site, then your selected web design company has to ask several crucial questions to help construct an ideal site.

Web Design Their asked questions can also help you to maintain an effective site for your audience.

With the web design company having a better understanding of the ins & outs of the business, they will be able to come up with an effective site that your audience will love to engage with.

If you seek a top web design agency to support your endeavours, you can always trust Irish Web Services.


If you are still unsure if you require a web developer or a designer, then calls us on 0863917931 and we can provide you with a suitable answer!


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