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Is HTTPS really essential for your website?

One major concern faced by your customers these days is security. The last few years have witnessed significant security breaches and now it has become much more crucial to show customers that your business is taking all precautions to safeguard their sensitive information.

https siteWhen shopping online, customers are required to submit their passwords, credit card numbers along with other sensitive information to proceed with their purchase. When customers are unsure about the safety of their information, they are unlikely to carry out transactions with your business.

Implementing HTTPS on your website is one important way to protect your customers vital data. By securing your site with Https, you can make them feel assured that their crucial information is safe with your company and there is no need to worry.

Get in touch with us here at Irish Web Services to discuss your websites security and feel free to ask us more about HTTPS to find out if you need it.


HTTP or HyperText Transfer Protocol is used to transfer the majority of the website data. Hence, your URL site appears like “http://www.yourcompany.com.”

HTTPS is HTTP’s secure version. This means your site will become “https://www.yourcompany.com” if it uses HTTPS. Although it may not look like much, the ‘s’ is the difference created between unsecured & secured connection.

https siteFor website visitors, it means that information submitted to the site using HTTPS is encrypted. For website owners, this means your site’s capability to safeguard customer data is trustworthy.

Apart from promoting customer trust, your search engine rankings are also boosted by HTTPS. As per Google’s announcement in 2014, secure connections were considered to be a ranking factor. This meant that if HTTPS is the only significant difference that existed between your site as well as your competitors, higher rank will be garnered by the secured site.


How the site can enable HTTPS?

To get ‘https’ before your websites domain name, it is necessary to encrypt communications between visitors and your site. You can follow two major protocols: Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Both are used interchangeably quite often since TLS is stated to be SSL’s predecessor. They both are concerned with safeguarding consumer information and SSL Certificate is used to verify their security.

To enable HTTPS, the site needs to have its own IP address. When building your website, if you had selected a small hosting plan, then multiple sites can be shared with it in the same webspace. When your site has it’s own IP address it is possible to purchase an SSL certificate for the site.

httpsHowever, just purchasing the certificate will not do much to improve your website security. You will need to install the SSL certificate on your server.

If you’re unsure how to do this, then your website developer or hosting provider usually will look after you.


Is HTTPS a necessity for your site?

Short answer: If you see that little padlock in the address bar of your web browser, you’re visiting a secure website.

Even if your website is primarily an informational site (and you’re not selling products or services directly from your site), it’s still recommended to use HTTPS.

HTTPS will be necessary for your eCommerce store to ensure that your customer’s crucial information is not stolen or accessed by hackers at any point in time.

Want to improve your website security?

It is a business’s responsibility to safeguard the crucial information of your customers from online theft.

If website security is to be improved HTTPS encryption can be of great help.

We have helped numerous clients build secure sites. Contact us today and see how we can help your business.


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