Trading Online Voucher

The Trading Online Voucher is an initiative for small businesses (with 10 or fewer employees and less than €2m in revenue), that aims to enhance their online trading presence.

Vouchers to the value of €2,500 (50% of eligible costs up to the maximum of €2,500) are available through this program.

The objective of the scheme is to help small businesses build their brand, grow their sales, exports and ultimately jobs.

Already availed of a voucher?

Is your new website performing and are you setting and reaching your digital sales goals? Have you maximised your organic search potential?

A 2nd grant could be used to part-fund a digital marketing strategy to grow your online business. You can maximise this grant to increase traffic to your website and to ensure those leads convert to sales.

Irish Web Services can help you with your application every step of the way.

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